Over the next fortnight I will run two training courses for new team leaders to help them lead productive, collaborative teams. Which has me thinking… How can you encourage your new team leaders to do a great job? Particularly as they start out in their potentially daunting first management roles.

Here are four quick tips to help you ensure your new team leaders lead well. There will be four more for you next month.

Give them time to lead

You need to release your new team leaders into the role.

Business owners often promote someone who already has a full-time job and is really good at doing that. But leading a team will impact their time. Think about how much time managing people will take. Review their workload with them and help them carve out time to lead.

Help them learn to listen

Leadership is all about influencing a team to achieve its objectives. But it can be difficult to get a team to focus on achieving something if you don’t know how to listen.

Teach your new team leaders to find out what the team’s issues and dreams are. Use regular meetings to encourage and embrace new ideas and identify strengths and weaknesses. Work together to find solutions to problems and opportunities to exploit. Helping your new managers learn to listen will help them make good decisions and gain the respect and trust of their team.

Encourage ongoing communication

Consistently good communication feeds relationships, increases engagement, and ensures good progress. Help your new team leaders to clearly outline expectations and responsibilities. That way everyone will know who is doing what, why and by when and the team will be a lot better for it.

Lead by example.

You are the boss and the model you set as a leader will be the one your new team leader is likely to follow. Think carefully about the behaviours you want and expect from your team leaders. Exhibit those traits yourself and set the standard for great leadership.

It would be great to hear your hints and tips for training up new team leaders. Add your thoughts in the comments box.



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