About Us

“We understand the challenges small business owners face and have identified a simple, fast, cost-beneficial solution to your problems.”

  • We’ve been there! We know how time-consuming admin can be. And how complex it can be to recruit staff to manage basic tasks
  • That experience gives us an advantage. Faced the same challenges as you we identified a simple, cost-beneficial service that works
  • We take the pressure off you, and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed
  • Handing over your admin to a virtual assistant directly benefits your business by giving you time to focus on the things that matter: expanding your client base and growing market share
  • Our VAs are organised, friendly and love technology. Most have specialist skills. All are committed to helping our clients succeed. We only work with the best.
  • Our simple systems allow you to work directly with the best Virtual Assistant for your business
  • Paying for our services is simple. There are no minimum contract terms. We request an initial prepayment of £75 (three hours) which is redeemed against your first invoice. After that we invoice you once a month
  • Clients pay £25 per hour regardless of the task. This all-inclusive rate secures you a motivated, experienced, ready-trained virtual team member. We offer great value for money compared to contracting temp staff or the real cost of taking on extra staff
  • I am an award-winning director. I’ve been responsible for strategic planning, sales and marketing and communications. I understand social media and business development. I’ve launched events and managed HR. I’ve led teams in everything from tiny start-ups to huge corporations. And I’ve worked remotely since 2010. I’m really grateful for all that experience. I very probably have the perfect background for running a VA business!